paluu_suodatinDepending on customers application and specification, Wipro´s NUMMI tipping gears are recommended to be fitted with a pressure and return filters. Return filters fit directly into Wipro's tanks and pressure filters are installed between the hydraulic hoses.

Note the operating conditions

The requirement of the hydraulic components, like tipping cylinders, valves, pumps etc, to have clean oil has been taken into consideration when choosing filters. This ensures trouble-free operation and long working life of the equipment. Impurities in the system may cause excessive wear in the pump.

It is known that contaminants which have found their way into the hydraulics have mostly come through quick-release couplings. That is why it is important to equip any systems with both return and pressure filters.

Operational reliability in the most demanding conditionspaine_suodatin

Filters chosen by Wipro to their hydraulic system have proved their efficiency in the most challenging operating conditions, in the dust or freezing colds.