Wipro NUMMI WetKit

The hydraulic system components included in the Wipro product range can be assembled together with different tipping gears and to different truck models to form a complete NUMMI WetKit. Customers can influence the content of the WetKit while in the design phase.

Complete kit from one place


Wipro being the supplier of the complete package, customers can be sure that all the components function together as planned. Pumps, valves, hoses and joints are all dimensioned just for the tipping gear ordered by the customer. Correctly dimensioned components mean less weight. This fact adds up to less fuel consumption together with higher payloads.


Complete hydraulic system delivered just in time

By ordering NUMMI WetKit together with the cylinder there is no need for the customer to store multiple hydraulic components but the truck specific hydraulic kit comes delivered complete just in the right time. We ensure the quality and assembly is easy with all the necessary components in the same delivery.