Wipro NUMMI tipping gear models

Wipro's concept is to develop, design, manufacture and market durable and reliable tippers for all kinds of vehicles to suit all-round tipping situations. The aim is to minimise the need for maintenance and thus eliminate down-times caused by servicing and break-downs.

Complete Range

Different clients, different circumstances and different vehicles need different requirements from tippers. Wipro has taken into consideration its clients' wishes and has developed the largest selection of durable, fast and reliable tippers available, for heavy-duty as well as regular use.

Reliable Strength

Wipro's tippers are the result of many years of product development. Wipro's own research and control laboratory is utilised in their design and manufacturing, and together with the computer-controlled machining technology will ensure the uniform quality of the products. The hard chromium plating, which is essential for cylinder durability, is carried out in our own chromium plant, using methods that we have developed ourselves. Every cylinder is tested. In this way the durability of the cylinder is established and the quality and fitting of the seals are controlled. Wipro tippers offer reliable and durable lifting power long into the future, because all Wipro tippers are designed to last, even with heavy-duty use and in extreme conditions. Wipro also guarantees the availability of spare parts for at least 10 years from the date of purchase.

Setting the Standard

Wipro has, through its cooperative partners, marketing contacts world-wide as well as its own distribution organisation, which covers Europe. Teamwork with the world's leading contractors has made Wipro tipping gears the standard in its field.