Lifting power at its best

Wipro's non-stabilising NUMMI front-end tippers are designed for vehicles where lateral stability during tipping is not required from the cylinder and there are no sideloads directed to the tipping cylinder. They have been designed with lifting power as the only consideration. Thus the gear is light, durable and fast.

Moves together with the body

With the ETV model, the cylinder is ETV_SITEinstalled upside down. It is attached to the body with a special jointed bracket in such a way that it is best suited for vehicles equipped with a tipping tank container.

For the most extreme operation conditions

These models are smaller in diameter than underbody tipping gears. Because the cylinder lifts the body from the front end, the lifting power is sufficient. In spite of the cylinder-saving mechanism, the body stays securely up on the cylinder's shoulder during tipping. To ensure long working life, all ram tubes are hard chrome-plated. Wipro´s NUMMI front-end tippers have proven their reliability in deserts as well as in the glaziers.