Wipro NUMMI special cylinders

As well as the standard models, Wipro has many NUMMI tipping gears and cylinders designed for specific tasks.

Side-tipping applicationsLT50_matec_trailer

A range of NUMMI single and double acting telescopic cylinders is available for different truck and trailer solutions - for example there is a model that features 4 stages of which the two smallest ones are double acting. This realizes the possibility to pull back the body after it has passed the tipping roll center. To provide the necessary safety, model range also includes 9 ton hydraulic support legs for truck or trailer supplied with locking valves.

Customer specific telescopic cylinders

Erikoiskipit second imageThe same high-level quality control as Wipro's NUMMI standard models has been observed when manufacturing these special models. Cylinders are reliable and durable.

The starting point of the design is a customer specific need. All ram tubes are hard chrome-plated and the tube internal over-lap depends on the side loads. The many special circumstances that tippers are designed for are taken into account with the sealing. Maximum operating pressure is up to 250 bar depending on the model.



Standard technology for leading mining vehiclesKalmar_vetomestari

The world's leading special purpose vehicle manufacturers such as Sandvik and Cargotec have chosen Wipro's cylinders for their applications.