Stability for long bodies and large loads

Wipro's stabilising NUMMI front tipping gears have been designed not only for lifting but also for giving stability during tipping. For this reason, they are well suited for vehicles with long bodies or when the body alone is not rigid MB_JORPE_JTenough for stable tipping.

Maximizing front axle payload

In the NUMMI JTC and JTD models, the cylinder is attached to the body with lifting arms that absorb vibrations during transport and allow the flex between body and chassis. Because of this attachment method only a small space is needed for the tipping cylinder between the cab and the body. This allows the body to be brought further forward to fully utilise the front axle capacity. The difference between the JTC and JTD models is the type of attachment on the bottom end.

Dautel_Iveco_DFCThe NUMMI DFC model is equipped with a cover tube with which it is attached to the body. The cover tube prevents contaminants entering the cylinder during driving. The DFC model is suitable for long bodies and large loads because the design and dimensions of the cylinder tubes provide a great stabilising effect during tipping.

The NUMMI DFE cylinder is attached from the top directly to the front wall of the body meanign the front wall needs to be sloped. This attachment method enables the tipping gear to be lightweight, giving maximizing payloads. The DFE model has the same cylinder tubes as the DFC model so it is also suitable for heavy-duty work which requires increased stability.

Tough tipping gearZETTERBERGS_DFC

NUMMI cylinder are equipped with double seals ensuring no leakage even in freezing temperatures. Plus, all cylinder tubes in these tipping gears have been hard chrome-plated. Because of their reliability, Wipro's stabilising NUMMI front-end tippers are popular on heavy-duty dump trucks as well as with semi-trailer operations.