Wipro´s NUMMI hydraulics for industry

Wipro Infrastructure Engineering Oy designs and manufactures NUMMI telescopic cylinders for industrial use also. In these instances, the length and attachment method is dependent on the client's specifications provided that the production volume is large enough and the possibility exists to use Wipro's standard tube diameters.

Long cylinder stroke, short cylinder

Wipro's telescopic cylinder is an excellent solution in situations where long cylinder strokes are required but short cylinders necessary.

Tested NUMMI technology

Wipro's industrial telescopic cylinders are designed and manufactured with the same high level of professionalism as its tipping cylinders. All stages are hard chrome-plated.

When manufacturing the cylinders, reliability, durability and environmental friendliness have been considered. When cylinders need maintenance, even after many years of use, the resources of a large company such as Wipro will ensure the availability of spare parts ensuring the long life of the cylinder.

Variety of applications

Many industrial sectors trust Wiproś NUMMI cylinders. They are used for, among other things, demountable devices, concrete element factories, mold factories, garbage trucks, opening the roofs/hatches, dock ramps etc.