Strong heavy duty NUMMI RT - even 100kg weight savings compared to competitors

The famous Wipro NUMMI twin ram tipping gear is a very strong model, where two cylinders provide a heavy duty lifting power as well as lateral stability for tipping.

The most important advantages:

- weight saving compared to competitors front end tipping gears

- small oil volume = fast and safe operation and weight saving

- provides great tipping stability

- low center of gravity = improved cornering in the traffic and improved tipping stability


Stability for multi-purpose bodies

When long bodies with drop-sides are used, or when the rigidity of the vehicle doesn't allow enough lateral support, or when the load sticks, particularly in difficult tipping situations, the strength and sturdiness of Wipro's twin ram type, RT, is the best solution. It is also ideal for long trailers.

Suitable for EURO6 trucks as well

The Wipro NUMMI RT twin ram gear´s cylinders are smaller in diameter than in an equivalent single cylinder model - this makes the cylinder light. Also the required amount of hydraulic oil is smaller. These features provide the truck with more payload as well as fast tipping. Especially with the new exhaust after treatment systems and their extra weight in the EURO 5 & 6 trucks, it´s important to save weight where possible. The twin cylinder structure and high operating pressure secure enough lifting power for very high loads as well. Assembling the cylinder low in the chassis also has a positive influence of the center of gravity of the vehicle.


NUMMI RT gears are available in various sizes, from two-axle utility vehicles to heavy trucks with 13-metre trailers and to the heaviest earth moving tasks. The maximum load allowed for these models vary from 16 to 50 tonnes.

To prevent wear and tear, friction on the seals has been minimised by having all ram tubes hard chrome-plated. Each ram has twin seals, this is achieved by placing a lip-seal next to the O-ring. This system keeps the ram leak-free even at extremely low temperatures when coldness can cause stiffening of the seals.

Wipro - approved Nummi quality

For over 50 years, drivers and operators have entrusted their loads with the highly respected and efficient Wipro's RT twin ram tipping gears.