NUMMI tipping cylinder models

Complete Range

Different clients, different circumstances and different vehicles have different requirements for tippers. Wipro has taken into consideration its clients' wishes and has developed a large selection of durable, fast and reliable tippers for heavy-duty as well as for regular use.

Our product range consists of single and double cylinder under body tippers, several versions of front end cylinders, special cylinders and customised cylinders.


NUMMI tipping cylinders are the result of many years of product development. Every cylinder is tested before delivery to the customer. In this way the durability of the cylinder is established and the quality and fitting of the seals are controlled. NUMMI tipping cylinder provides reliable and durable lifting power long into the future, because all NUMMI tipping cylinders are designed to last, even in heavy-duty use and in extreme conditions. Wipro also guarantees the availability of spare parts for 10 years from the date of phase out of the product.

Globally present

Wipro has, through its own organisation and partners, marketing contacts world-wide. Co-operation with the world's leading contractors has made NUMMI tipping cylinders known by lifting professionals globally.